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Free lessons for ages 8-18 in Cosmopolitan Arts' new academy. Since 2015, we've inspired creativity and fostered empowerment for the next generation of artists! Are you ready to shape the future of Leicester's music scene? Find out more below.

At the heart of Leicester, we proudly introduce our free music lessons tailored for aspiring young talents aged 8-18. Located in our new state-of-the-art building on Friday Street, we offer an enriching musical journey that goes beyond traditional education.

With a legacy dating back to 2015, we have been actively engaged in fostering creativity among young minds. Our track record includes numerous exciting and captivating arts-based projects, including a motivating song that was created during our music lessons in lockdown 2020, which the video below is from and featured in Cosmopolitan Arts Festival 2020, showcasing the resilience and artistic spirit of our young musicians.

Located on Friday Street, our new facility is designed to inspire and nurture the next generation of musicians. Experience the joy of creating music in a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages growth and artistic expression.

Why Choose Cosmopolitan Music Project?

  • Expert Instruction: Our lessons are led by experienced and passionate instructors dedicated to nurturing young musical talent.

  • Inclusive Community: Join a community of like-minded young musicians, fostering collaboration and shared enthusiasm for music.

  • Cutting-Edge Facilities: Learn in a state-of-the-art building equipped with the latest resources to enhance your musical journey.

Are you ready to explore the world of music? Unlock your potential, express your creativity, and join us in shaping the future of music in Leicester. For inquiries and registrations, contact us today.



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