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Dive into the rich heritage of Chinese culture in Leicester with 'Made in China.' Explore history, traditions, art, and cuisine through a captivating documentary, and an exquisite exhibition.


Made in China is the first-ever research project that delves into the rich heritage of Chinese culture in Leicester and Leicestershire. The project is aimed at exploring and documenting the various facets of Chinese heritage in the region, from its history to its traditions, art, and cuisine.


As part of this exciting project, we have produced a captivating documentary that takes viewers on a journey through the history of Chinese communities in Leicester and Leicestershire. We have also curated an exquisite exhibition that showcases the diverse cultural aspects of the Chinese community, including its art, music, and dance. In addition, we have developed a comprehensive website that provides a wealth of information about the project and its findings. Visitors to the website can explore various aspects of Chinese heritage in Leicester and Leicestershire, learn about the project's objectives and achievements, and discover upcoming events and activities related to the project.


Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Made in China is a groundbreaking research initiative that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Leicester and Leicestershire's Chinese community.


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