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Our team has been actively engaged in a research project since 2019, which aimed to investigate the reasons why 15 different cultural groups chose Leicester as their settlement and how they felt about being part of the city. We conducted workshops to create various artefacts and performances for the Cosmopolitan Arts Festival, which was a great platform for showcasing the diversity of cultures that exist within the city. Our project was a collaborative effort, with Professor Momodou Sallah leading the way in creating an academic report based on the findings of our research, while Keith Allott helped us capture the essence of our project through a series of documentaries. Over the course of three years, we interviewed members of various cultural groups to gain a deeper understanding of their experiences, including any instances of racism they may have faced.


Since 2019 we have delivered a research based project working with 15 different cultural groups, to explore why they settled in Leicester, if they felt part of the city and if they had experienced racism. We delivered workshops to create artefacts and performances for the Cosmopolitan Arts Festival, Professor Momodou Sallah created an academic report and Keith Allott created a series of documentaries from interviews conducted over the 3 year period, which can be viewed above.

Funded by the The National Lottery Community Fund

Download the report on our findings here

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