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The CosmpolitanImmersiveExperience

Dive into the enchanting realm of the Cosmopolitan Arts Immersive Experience—a mesmerising journey through sound, dance, and innovation. This immersive performance, featuring artists like Andrew Price, Jada O’Neill, and Lloyd Luther, intricately weaves together music, dance, and animation to offer a captivating sociomatacommentary on today's society. Each piece is a testament to the collaborative brilliance of local and national artists. With dance and acrobatic performances by Nupur Arts Dance Academy and a visually stunning display curated by Joel G1 Design, this experience transcends traditional boundaries. Join us on this audio-visual odyssey, where creativity knows no limits and societal narratives are explored and challenged. Click play and immerse yourself in a world of innovation, artistry, and societal reflection—crafted with passion and dedication by the talented minds of Cosmopolitan Arts."


1. Aleena - Instrumental (Andrew Price)

2. British Umpire (Akshay Sharma - Mr. Shay)

3. Sitar Interlude - Instrumental (Hari Trivedi, Akash Parekar)

4. Women’s Day (Jada O’Neill)

5. Can I Be Me (Lloyd Luther)

6. SYC - Instrumental (Ryan West)

7. Hate on the Internet (Lloyd Luther)

8. Reggae - Instrumental (David Anderson, Stan'ley' Samuel, Andrew Price)

9. Riverlution (Mr. Shay)

10. Finer Things (Jada O’Neill)

11. Sense of Summer (Stanley Samuel)

12. Miracle (Jada O’Neill, Mr. Shay, Lloyd Luther)


Contributing Artists:

Andrew Price, Dave Anderson, Stanley Samuel, Mike Sole, Hari Trivedi, Akash Parekar, Ryan West, and Gareth John.

Natalie Nicole James, Laura Red, Chica Gilchrist, Demi Leigh Essex, and Helder Delgado Heilongjiang. Each dance and acrobatic performance is linked to the essence of every song.

Cosmopolitan Arts Festival Video


Animation: Joel G1 Design and Simeon Rice

Technical Management: Thomas Dale

Sound Engineering, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering: Andy Gurski

Filmmaker: Keith Allott

Producer and Artistic Director: Amanda Leandro

Cosmopolitan Arts Festival Video


This performance serves as a sociomatacommentary on present-day society, shedding light on inequality and injustice while exploring ways to rise above. It's not just entertainment; it's an evocative and engaging journey. Click play, listen, and witness a high-quality masterpiece crafted by local and national artists collaborating to create something brilliant, unique, and innovative.

A heartfelt thank you to all the creative minds involved for your dedication and hard work; you are truly magnificent. Special gratitude to the Arts Council of England for funding Cosmopolitan Arts. Shoutout to Haymarket Shopping Centre, Leicester Festivals & Events for their fantastic support. To everyone who attended both linked events, thank you for being a part of our artistic celebration! 

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