Cosmopolitan Arts specialises in creating large-scale spectacular events and dazzling, unique performances. We have over a decade of experience creating exhibitions, hosting events, and commissioning bespoke performances. 


Since 2011, we’ve hosted Leicester’s Cosmopolitan Arts Festival (formerly known as Cosmopolitan Carnival), an event that showcases a wide range of art forms including live music, dance, street theatre, and art, across a variety of venues in the city. In recent years, the event has adapted to the changing world by offering online streaming of performances and immersive digital arts exhibitions.


In 2017, we also began hosting the Leicester Chinese New Year celebrations across the city centre, decorating sites around the city and creating performances for the entertainment and enjoyment of the general public.

We have also delivered numerous projects and workshops to introduce Leicester's youth to a variety of creative disciplines, and conducted wide-reaching reasearch with various ethnic groups in Leicester, into their cultural heritage, sense of identity as well as the prevalence and effects of racism in their day to day lives.



We have a fantastic team of artists and technical specialists that work together to create spectacular performances, involving an array of disciplines, including large-scale animation, pyrotechnics, circus performers, aerialists, live music, fireworks, dances, and light displays. Also dynamic immersive digital arts exhibitions, large-scale festivals and engaging arts based workshops. 


Cosmopolitan’s dedicated team of professionals can create and build artwork, produce awesome graphics and film content, and supply and facilitate all technical aspects of your event. Our management team will take all the stress of planning the event out of your hands, delivering amazing, high-quality events and performances. All that’s left for you to do, is enjoy it!

Creative Director Amanda wins an award

Cosmopolitan Arts celebrates cultural diversity through the arts, to transcend language barriers and create a better understanding, promoting social harmony, inclusion and integration.

We create work that is evocative, taking it to places and people that do not usually access the arts, to positively change people's perceptions. We are artistic innovators, embracing new technologies, using a combined arts approach to deliver groundbreaking and exciting work. 


If you're interested in our work, or are ready to start designing your perfect event, drop us a line now!